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Airplanes: A Modern Conditioned Environment

Posted on by Conditioned Environment Team

The cold temperatures you might experience on an airplane are, surprisingly, not the airline’s attempt to accustom you to the UK’s rainy climate after time spent somewhere warmer. Airplanes have a bad reputation as being germ-harbouring havens for all kinds of illnesses and bacteria, but in reality, modern planes come with advanced circulation and temperature … Continue reading

Getting high: How tall can skyscrapers get?

Posted on by Conditioned Environment Team

As a city with its fair share of skyscrapers, London is a prime candidate for future developments in architecture, especially as the London housing crisis continues to quietly rage on. Since the Natwest tower was built in 1980, the city skyline has slowly morphed to include taller and taller buildings. Despite not being the largest … Continue reading

20 Nations Sign Kigali Agreement to Reduce Use of HFC

Posted on by Conditioned Environment Team

Since 2015, hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) emissions have shot up by 54% thanks to a global increase in air conditioning usage. For the economists, it’s a sign of wealth and prosperity in the international markets. For ecologists, it’s a disaster. HFC is a greenhouse gas that’s known to pollute up to three times more than your average … Continue reading

The Fatbergs of London

Posted on by Conditioned Environment Team

  A congealed mass of solid waste consisting of nappies, wet wipes, sanitary products and raw sewerage. This isn’t one of Dante’s circles of hell. It’s one of the many fatbergs that block the sewerage pipes of London every year. In September 2017, the largest fatberg ever recorded was found under the streets of Whitechapel. … Continue reading

Fire safety scammers are targeting London: don’t get caught out!

Posted on by Conditioned Environment Team

Criminals are targeting vulnerable tower block residents in the wake of the Grenfell Tower and Shepherds Bush fires. The scammers are entering residential tower blocks posing as fire safety officers and convincing tenants to allow entry into individual flats to carry out bogus safety checks. The scammers are in fact looking for valuables within the … Continue reading

A Short History of Mitsubishi Electric

Posted on by Conditioned Environment Team

  The Mitsubishi Electric Corporation traces its roots back to the Tsukumo Shokai Shipping Company which was established by an ambitious Japanese businessman named Yataro Iwasaki, in 1870. The company expanded into automotives, mining and stationery, before succumbing to allied forces in WWII and disbanding only to regain market share in post-war Japan and America. … Continue reading

Top 5 Skills Every Facilities Manager Needs

Posted on by Conditioned Environment Team

  Facilities management is a demanding but exciting role that requires a unique set of skills. If you’re looking for a new career in facilities management, Conditioned Environment have put together a list of top 5 skills we look for in the perfect candidate. Perhaps you’re already a Facilities Manager? In which case, read our … Continue reading

Top 3 Thermostat Mistakes

Posted on by Conditioned Environment Team

It’s costly to heat your home or office all winter long but it’s also vital to remaining comfortable. Heating bills in winter are on average three times higher than summer bills which is why modern replacement thermostats and energy meters are very popular. These offer more control over heating your home or business than older … Continue reading

What are fire suppression systems?

Posted on by Conditioned Environment

For the ultimate in fire safety, automatic fire suppression systems tackle fires quickly with minimal damage to property and minimal human intervention. Conditioned Environment are proud to offer high quality fire suppression systems throughout London and beyond, and this month we will clarify the benefits a fire suppression system can yield for your business. The … Continue reading

Keeping Cool on the Tube – The Trouble With Deep-line Air Con

Posted on by Conditioned Environment

The September 2016 heatwave reminded London commuters of a problem that has plagued the Underground for most of its history. Poor ventilation on its deep-level networks meant that temperatures as high as 35°C, or 95°F, were recorded on the Central Line, and this lead to new calls to find a solution to the capital’s sweltering … Continue reading